"Reality is right in front of you. It's when you turn away that reality changes." Alun Wyld

Most of my photographs are up close and personal, but are not quite what you might expect if you read

these words before observing the image.  Sometimes even the title I have given the particular piece might give you a clue.

Maybe not.I am here to entertain the thought of you, drawn into a realm within an image, understanding what quantum physics,  shamans  and surrealists have

known, even in this contemporary world, that there are other realms within our influence.

Photography is a tool for me to show you what I see/how I live. This goes, not only in a

nature setting but also in a contemporary city scene.

   Everything is changing, moving (not necessarily within our plane of reasoning).

Everything is Animistic.



For booking and/or to purchase photographs, please contact the artist: alunwyldphotography@gmail.com                1-415-328-1373